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Looking to Purchase a New Dirt Bike? Here’s What to Look for When Browsing Ones for Sale

Are you looking to purchase your first new dirt bike from an authorized seller, or add one to your existing collection?

Recently, we covered everything you need to know about buying a used dirt bike. This time, we are switching gears and looking at key points to consider when exploring your options for a brand new one. 

Used dirt bikes may have some performance and/or maintenance issues, and you may not discover them until you have already purchased them. Fortunately, new dirt bikes do not typically raise those concerns. 

However, that does not mean that you should just head to your nearest shop and buy a new dirt bike without taking anything into consideration. No matter the condition, you should prioritize protecting your investment and learning everything you can about each bike and the seller’s policies before you load it into your truck and drive off. 

At Switchback, we are lucky to call the beautiful State of Idaho our home. Its scenic trails and diverse seasons allow for some incredible offroad adventures on dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and more. We pride ourselves on not only providing excellent customer service for our curious buyers and window-shoppers, but we also want to equip you with the most information possible to help you make a better purchasing decision. 

Before you visit our shop or another one near you, here are some key points to consider when browsing new dirt bikes for sale: 

Stock vs. After-Market Dirt Bike Parts

Many dirt bike enthusiasts love the fact that they can modify most of these vehicles with specialized after-market parts. Customizing your dirt bike allows you to fine-tune its performance to match your preferences and gives you an opportunity to join a community of others that share this interest. 

As you are browsing bikes offered by your local retailer, be sure to ask them about specific stock parts that you might be interested in upgrading later on. Some vehicles are easier to modify than others, and some may not perform as well with specific after-market parts that you enjoy using. 

Some dirt bike retailers may also offer repair and maintenance services. If you wish to upgrade your bike over time but do not want to do so yourself, be sure to ask if the seller can do this for you when you are ready. 

Important Reminders for Installing After-Market Parts

Upgrading your dirt bike with after-market or third-party parts can be an exciting experience. However, here are some consumer safety reminders we want to share with you: 

First, making additional modifications to your dirt bike may void your warranty with the retailer or manufacturer. If you are concerned about this, you should ask your retailer about the terms of the warranty to ensure modifying your bike does not create further complications later on.

Second, unless you are a seasoned dirt bike rider with experience successfully upgrading your bike on your own, we do not recommend self-installing any after-market products. That can create a variety of personal safety issues in addition to potentially voiding your warranty. If you are just beginning your foray into riding, ask your retailer if they can install any additional parts for you or recommend someone else who can service your new bike. 

Testing the New Dirt Bike

When you visit an auto dealer to purchase a new road vehicle, you may test drive a handful of cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs before you decide on the option that best suits your needs. Dirt bike purchases should be no different. 

When you visit a motorsports retailer to purchase a new dirt bike, ask them if you can test-drive the one(s) that most interest you. If the salesperson does not let you test out any of the vehicles before buying them, we recommend finding a new shop in your area that will. 

No one wants to buy a dirt bike without trying it. How will you know if it is comfortable to ride, if its handling matches your preferences, or if it feels right to you? If you buy and jump on a new dirt bike without ever testing it, unfamiliarity with its controls and handling can pose dangers while riding at high speeds over uneven terrain. 

Warranty Terms

With most dirt bike retailers and manufacturers, warranties contain highly specific language detailing what services and privileges a customer is and is not entitled to after completing a purchase. If the customer does anything with the bike that violates these terms, they can void their warranty and release the retailer and/or manufacturer from any further obligation. 

When you are ready to purchase a new dirt bike, ask your retailer about any warranties that they or the manufacturer provide to customers. You can also ask them to show you the warranty documents, and do not hesitate to ask specific questions after reading them. 

Warranties can help customers offset many expensive repair and maintenance costs. If you void the terms of your warranty, you may end up having to pay-out-of-pocket for any future service that would have otherwise been covered. Be sure to understand the warranty terms and know what you should and should not do to avoid canceling your privileges and entitlements as the buyer. 

Financing Terms

Similar to purchasing a car, you should ask your retailer if they offer financing options for your new dirt bike. This will allow you to start enjoying the off-road adventures your new purchase will grant you, but also gives you the option to pay at a more affordable rate.

Legal Requirements

Depending on where you are purchasing a dirt bike, the state you are in may require that you obtain some, all, or none of the following: 

  • Dirt bike insurance
  • A dirt bike license
  • If not a license, another similar form of certification 
  • Certification for completing a vehicle safety course

Looking for New Dirt Bikes for Sale in Idaho? Visit Us

Switchback Motorsports sells a variety of high-performance new and used dirt bikes from our store in Pocatello, Idaho. We are passionate about equipping our customers with the right solutions for them to enjoy offroad adventures to the fullest. If you have any questions about the the dirt bikes we have for sale, contact us anytime.

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