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There can be many causes as to why your ATV won’t start. When any vehicle is used frequently, it is bound to sustain some wear and tear at any point.

When your key turns in the ignition and nothing happens, it can hinder a thrilling adventure with your friends. 

Let’s take a run-through as to what could be causing your issues, so that you can determine whether it’s a repair you can do yourself or if you need the help of a professional motorsports mechanic. 

Possible Reasons Your ATV Won’t Start

1: The Battery is Old or Needs to Be Charged

The first possible cause to investigate is whether the battery just needs to be replaced. This can be for a few reasons, but the most common are due to age or lack of conductivity.

Although new batteries can cost a pretty penny, they are normally very easy to purchase and replace yourself. They also last a long time if maintained properly.

2: The ATV is Not Set to the Proper Position

The next issue could be that your vehicle is not fully in a safe gear for the engine to turn over. Most all-terrain vehicles have a safety feature that prevents the engine from turning on if it is not fully in park. 

Check your ATV to make sure that you are not trying to turn the vehicle on if it is not fully in park. Shake the handle before and after use to ensure that it is securely in place.

3: Main Fuse is Blown

Another reason for an unrideable ATV could be a blown fuse. The main fuse in an ATV powers the whole unit. If you drive your vehicle frequently, you could be facing a blown fuse. 

Knowing the fuse type is important when trying to change it, so make sure that you ask the dealer when you buy it. Keep spare fuses on hand for moments where you may need to change it.

4: It Needs to be Fueled

If the engine starts but will not turn over, a fuel issue could be to blame. Make sure that your gas tank is full, even if the gage confirms it. 

Some vehicles are prone to gas gage issues. What the gage says may be deceiving when it comes to the amount in the tank. If your tank is empty, filling it, then turning the key again would cause it to be fixed.

If the fuel meter is broken, have it repaired as soon as possible. This will help to ensure you are more aware of your gas levels in the future.

5: Blown Spark Plug

A spark plug in an ATV is just as important as in a car. Check your spark plug using a using an inline spark-tester. Once you start the engine, if the tester does not light up, it means that there is no spark. This would be a clear indicator to replace the spark plug. 

As a general safety precaution, keep your hands free of the spark tester when you are using it. This will help prevent any injury and ensure an accurate reading. 

6: Valve Issues

If your ATV isn’t turning on, it could be that valves such as the solenoid valve may not be receiving enough power. 

The solenoid will make an audible clicking or clacking sound when you start the engine. This makes it easy to tell if it is the problem. 

What to Do if You Cannot Get Your ATV to Start

If these troubleshooting attempts do not work, take your ATV to a professional dealership for service. Experienced technicians can perform a more advanced diagnosis of the problem and can help you learn to identify other maintenance issues proactively. 

Get Professional ATV Service in Idaho

If you find that your ATV isn’t working, or won’t start, there are a variety of reasons that could be. If you can’t figure it out, let professionals help!

Take your ATV to Switchback Motorsports and let our team of trained and experienced ATV technicians have a look. We are located in Pocatello and serve riders all throughout our home state of Idaho.

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