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Top Must Have RZR Accessories


The Polaris RZR ATV lineup offers some of the highest-performing offroad action in the industry. Strategically reinforced to be able to handle all sorts of terrain, this series is built to handle anything you can throw at it.

Riding ATVs is a personal experience for each person. Keeping this in mind, there may be some accessories that you want to add to your vehicle to truly make each adventure the ride of your life. 

Let’s take a look at some of the brag-worthy, must-have accessories for your RZR ATV.

High-Definition Lighting

Having the proper lighting at night time can make a stark difference when it comes to visibility and safety on the trail. While most vehicles come with normal headlights, they are not always illuminating enough for dark, wooded, and/or remote destinations. 

Aftermarket lights for your ATV, such as LED bars and Daylighter Halogens are going to be the best option for enhancing your visibility on the trails. Without the ambient lighting to mess with your trip, the high-definition lighting will erase more darkness than a standard variety. 

Not only will it illuminate your trails, but the high-definition lighting can also help to alert others of your presence. This will be a great addition to your RZR if you plan on late-night drives in dark places.

Incline Parking Tool

Parking on the trail can be difficult. The terrain can be a steep incline or decline, which can leave some room for worry. This could cause some extra wear and tear on your RZR. 

The Spring Brake Thingy parking brake is the accessory you are looking for if you find your trail parking less than satisfactory. It will help to keep your brake system in place while you are parking at an incline.

This brake system is easy to install into your ATV, and it takes the burden off of your brake system and transmission while parking on an incline. Instead, you can dismount your vehicle wherever is most convenient and continue your journey on foot if you prefer. 

Additional Mirrors

Mirrors on your car help to reflect the obstacles that you need to see. They help to improve your visibility and help to enhance your knowledge of your surroundings. If you are riding with some friends or family members, having extra mirrors comes in handy. When you are traveling alongside other vehicles, you will see if anyone is too close behind or next to you. 

Weatherproof Vehicle Cover

When the weather is volatile, it is easy for your vehicle to bear the brunt of the elements. Make sure to cover your ATV with a waterproof shield. This will protect your RZR during transport or storage during off-season.

A good quality cover can also reduce the amount of water damage that could be caused to your ATV. Water damage should be avoided at all costs, as it can cause rust, as well as paint damage and engine issues.

Make sure that your weatherproof cover blankets the entirety of the vehicle. If it has any holes or rips in it, then it needs to be replaced with a new one, and ensure it is fastened as well as possible for prevention.

Plug-in Phone Charger

When you are out on the trail, having a fully charged phone is a very important aspect of safety. While taking pictures and videos with friends and family creates great memories for any ride, making sure that your phone is charged also plays an instrumental role in emergency contact situations. 

The phone battery does more than keep you connected to other people. It can also provide maps and a source of light if needed. Make sure that you purchase a USB phone charger that will connect directly to your ATV’s electrical system. This way you can charge your electronics and cell phones while you are having fun. Just ensure you do not rude and charge at the same time.

Four-Point Harness

When you are driving, keeping up with safety measures will ensure a great experience in the driver’s seat. Having a four-point harness will help to keep you secure. This is an optional safety measure that will give an extra point of security beyond handlebars.

The four-point harness is especially useful when it comes to smaller passengers or those with not much riding experience. Simply select one that is easy to install in your RZR, but is also comfortable and allows for adequate motion. 

Removable Windshield and manual wiper

Weather is variable across the United States. This has a direct effect on trail riding conditions, which can make riding a little difficult. You may want to invest in a removable windshield and wiper set. 

This will prevent dirt, water, and debris from entering your facial areas. Make sure that it is easy to clean, remove, and install. You can also purchase a manual windshield wiper to remove the mud and water from your field of view.

Under-Hood Storage

If you are going to be out trail riding for a few hours, you may need a place to store your jackets, bags, food, drink, and other long-trip preparation items. An under-the-hood storage box can provide extra space in your vehicle to secure your valuables. 

Make sure to grab a waterproof trunk that is appropriately sized for your specific Polaris RZR model. Each model has slight differences which could make them incompatible for cross use.

Door Bags

Storage thankfully is personalized when it comes to an ATB. If you prefer to keep your items closer to your person, consider using a zipper bag. This should be able to attach to the inside if the door of your ATV. 

This will keep your valuables within your reach while you are riding with your friends and family. Make sure to look for a slender enough bag, to ensure no interference in your range of motion while you are riding.

Check out RZR Accessories in Pocatello, ID

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To learn more about our Polaris RZR stock, and more accessories, contact us today. You can also visit our showroom, located in Pocatello, Idaho.

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