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How Much Do Dirt Bikes Cost – A Complete Buyers Guide


At Switchback Motorsports, we love dirt bikes. 

A dirt bike is a thrilling option for hitting all sorts of trails at high speeds. Dirt bikes offer intuitive handling, sleek designs, and lightweight builds that are perfect for soaring over jumps and cliffs. 

Do you live in beautiful Idaho? You’re in peak offroad riding country. We’ve got enough trails and parks to make every rider feel like the great outdoors is their personal playground. A dirt bike is an ideal vehicle for taking advantage of all the riding grounds that our state has to offer. 

If you’re interested in a new or used dirt bike, you can visit the Switchback Motorsports showroom in Pocatello, Idaho. To help you prepare for dirt bike shopping, we’ve prepared this brief buyer’s guide. Learn the price range for dirt bikes and the factors that affect a bike’s price tag. 

How Much Do Dirt Bikes Cost?

New dirt bikes typically cost between $3,000 and $10,000. Due to the sheer volume of and variety of models on the market, there is no way to determine a true average when you consider the multitude of factors that determine the final price of each bike. 

From brand to size to aftermarket upgrades, there are plenty of factors that influence your final cost. These can range from the brand of the bike, its size, cubic capacity and more. 

Keep the following pricing considerations in mind as you shop for a new or used dirt bike. 

Dirt Bike Brand

A Mercedes-Benz costs more than a Toyota. Likewise, a dirt bike’s brand name is a major indicator of quality, and thus an important pricing factor. While there are bikes to fit a variety of budgets, the overall price range isn’t all that vast. Many riders are able to pay up for the best of the best. 

The top dirt bike brands include Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Husqvarna. 

Dirt Bike Size

Larger dirt bikes require more materials, larger wheels and tires, and stronger engines. Therefore, the bigger the bike, the higher the price. 

Meanwhile, smaller bikes designed for children are quite affordable. You can get your young son or daughter into riding at a young age, then upsize their bike every few years without breaking the bank. 

Dirt Bike Engine Cubic Capacity

Cubic capacity, or cc, is the measurement unit for an engine’s size or volume. 

The higher the cc, the more air and fuel the engine is capable of compressing. 

Higher cc indicates a stronger engine. Dirt bike engines with higher cc provide superior speed, power, and acceleration. 

Engine cc is one of the most important selling points for dirt bikes. The cc range for adult-sized dirt bikes is 230-450 cc, while kid-sized bike engines are typically between 50-150 cc. 

Premium Features for Dirt Bikes

Some dirt bikes have extra features. These may include:

  • Special hand grips
  • High-quality seat material
  • Advanced electronics

Premium features indicate advanced engineering and extra manufacturing labor. Expect these features on higher-priced dirt bike models. 

If you do not want to pay for premium features, you can always request a more basic model instead. This can help shave a notable amount of money off of the final purchase price.  

Dirt Bike Upgrades

You can customize your bike with aftermarket upgrades and accessories. Depending on where you purchase your upgrades, your retailer may be able to include them in your bike purchase price. You can get the best value by purchasing from a retailer that has its own service department where they can install your upgrade for you in-house. 

Common upgrades and accessories include helmets, riding gloves, boots, and aftermarket seat covers. You may also want to swap out the stock tires for a model that better suits your riding preferences and the types of trails that you frequent. 

Dirt Bike Insurance

A dirt bike is a major purchase. So, you might choose to buy offroad vehicle insurance to protect your investment. Or, depending on what state you call home or ride in, you might be legally obligated to insure your bike. 

Offroad vehicle insurance can be added to your primary auto insurance plan to protect you and your dirt bike in the event of an accident. While this coverage provides valuable peace of mind, it also adds to your overall cost of dirt bike ownership. 

To Finance or Not to Finance? 

Many motorsports dealers offer financing to help lessen the upfront cost of purchasing a dirtbike, ATV, or another vehicle. This can help lower the financial barrier for many who want to start riding now and pay as they go. 

Speaking generally, many dealers will require a minimum down payment to qualify for financing. You can always put down more than what they require if you wish to reduce your monthly payments, but this is not always necessary. 

Lastly, there may be interest involved in the financing agreement. This could extend the length of your payment or increase the monthly amount. 

Be sure to ask the dealer you purchase a dirt bike from what they charge in interest for their financing options and ask for a quote on the monthly figure. This can prove especially helpful when you are trying to manage your monthly leisure expenses in addition to necessities. 

Get Dirt Bikes from Leading Brands in Idaho

Switchback Motorsports carries an extensive new and used dirt bike inventory. We offer financing options and have our own expert in-house service department to help you keep your bike in peak condition. 

We are the top Yamaha dirt bike dealer in the State of Idaho. If you are planning to hit the trail, reserve the ride of your life with us today so that you don’t miss out on the latest models before they’re gone! 

To learn more, send us a message, or give us a call at 208-238-1575. 

To see our incredible collection of dirt bikes, ATVs, and riding gear, visit our beautiful showroom in Pocatello in southeast Idaho. 

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