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Best ATV Accessories For Hunting Trips


An ATV is the perfect offroad vehicle for a hunting trip. Its ability to traverse smooth and bumpy terrains deep into the woods allows hunters to travel further and faster while carrying their equipment and camping gear with them. 

If you are preparing for a hunting trip with your own ATV, you may be looking to upgrade your gear to make the thrill of the ride even more enjoyable. Does that sound like you? 

We have you covered with our guide to some of the best ATV accessories for hunting trips. Whether you’re planning to end the summer with a new adventure or you want to gear up for the fall season, check out some of these items: 

What ATV Hunting Accessories Do You Need for an Upcoming Trip?

In recent years, all-terrain vehicles have become increasingly associated with hunting thanks to their convenience, durability, and modest towing power. As a result, an entire industry of ATV-specific hunting gear and accessories has emerged. 

Having the right accessories ensures a safe, comfortable, and successful outing. Nothing can ruin a hunting trip you have been looking forward to only to arrive at your destination and realize that you need a piece of gear or equipment that you did not bring with you. 

Here are a few of the most useful ATV accessories for hunting trips. 

ATV-Specific Gun Rack

For safe and convenient firearm storage, equip your ride with a sturdy gun rack that’s built specifically for ATV use. These racks hold the firearms firmly in place so that they do not fall off and become damaged, ruined, or dirty en route to your destination in the wilderness. 

Are you someone who prefers to hunt with a bow? There are also a wide variety of compound bow racks available for ATV mounting. 

No matter your preferred method, make sure your rack fits securely and always remember to safely store your ammo and empty your firearms before starting your ATV. You can also store them in an additional hard shell carrying case that can clip to a firearm rack for added protection. 

Nothing is more important on a hunting trip than safe and efficient firearm storage. Use a firearm case with the following features:

  • Waterproof
  • Padded
  • Fireproof
  • Lightweight and easily carried with handles and/or straps

Do not let anyone on the trip handle a firearm without the proper authorization. For safety purposes, make sure that every authorized owner in your hunting party brings their own firearm and that no one shares theirs with others. 

Halogen Lights

Halogen lights produce warm, soft lighting. Compared to LED and other types of lighting, the light produced by halogen bulbs is less likely to startle your target. Halogens also provide excellent contrast and color rendering, helping your eyes cut through the thick darkness of the wilderness at night. 

ATV lighting is also useful as a supplemental source of campsite lighting for overnight trips. However, keep in mind that running your lights could potentially shorten the lifespan of the bulb, the battery of the ATV, and fuel. If you use them as a light source, do so sparingly when you cannot use a lantern, flashlight, or campfire. 

Storage Box

Use an ATV-specific storage box that provides a tight seal and fastens firmly to your vehicle. 

Your storage box can be used to hold personal essentials, food, ammo, and other hunting trip necessities. 

For additional storage, a weatherproof backpack is your best bet. You should also have at least one case that is scent-proofed to prevent attracting any bears or other predators in your area that may try to pick through your items in search of a snack.  

ATV Trailer and Tent

To transport gear and game, you can attach a small trailer to your ATV. A trailer can also double as a dry, flat, and clean sleeping surface. Make a DIY tent or purchase a tent that’s designed for elevated use to equip your trailer for overnight camping. 

Fireproof Travel Case

If you plan on making a fire, you’ll need to keep all of your fire-starting equipment dry. This can help preserve their lifespan and also prevent any accidental fires from starting and spreading.  


Use a weatherproof and fireproof travel case to store your fire starters and kindling. Make sure that the case is genuinely fireproof to prevent unwanted combustion reactions from contact with your ATV engine. 

Emergency Equipment

Storage space may be limited, but a small supply of safety equipment is essential for any hunting trip. You can never be too careful when taking firearms into the wilderness. 

Consider the following gear for your safety kit:

  • First aid kit
  • Satellite phone
  • Signal flares
  • Air pump or compressor
  • Spare fuel
  • Compass and map 
  • Swiss army knife

You may want to also take additional large animal deterrents with you. These could include products like bear-mace that can scare them away without needing to create extra noise or cause harm to the creature. 

Tree Stand Mount

Your ATV can be equipped with a mounted tree stand holder if you plan to be spotting targets from high above. A few poles on the back of your ATV hold the tree stand in a horizontal position. The stand can be quickly secured and removed. 

This contraption makes it easy to transport your tree stand without any awkward hauling or jerry-rigging. You could also transport a tree stand with a trailer appropriately rated for ATV towing. 

Get the Perfect ATV and Accessories for Your Next Hunting Trip

Switchback Motorsports carries the world’s best and latest all-terrain vehicle models. Visit our showroom in Pocatello, Idaho to check out our beautiful new Yamaha and Polaris ATVs, along with an extensive pre-owned inventory. 

We also carry a wide range of ATV accessories. Whether you need new riding apparel to keep yourself dry and protected on the trail or some accessories for your vehicle to complete the hunting trip experience, we have you covered. For more news and buying guides, visit the Switchback Motorsports blog. If you have any questions about our inventory or financing options, contact our team today.

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